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Limit for spent and load card and balance

  Full KYC
POS Single Transaction Limit 20,000
POS Daily Spend Limit (20 tr. per day) 20,000
ATM Single Withdrawal Limit 500.00
ATM Daily Withdrawal Limit (5 tr. per day) 2,500
Daily Load Limit (8 tr.per day) 5,000
Monthly Load Limit 20,000
Yearly Load Limit 80,000
Maximum Card Balance 20,000


Fee for atm and purchase via pos terminal

  Retail Fee (EUR)
ATM/Cash Withdrawals [International] 2.99
ATM/Cash Withdrawals [Domestic] 1.50
Purchases (POS) [International] 0.50
Purchases (POS) [Domestic] 0.00

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