Your wallet always with you!

Our wallet app allows you to use your money from virtually anywhere in the world. All you need is your phone and you will be able to manage your money easily and conveniently. Send money, receive payments instantly and use your prepaid card associated with the wallet. Time is money and our mobile app saves you time, it's great.

Create your wallet now
It's quick and easy

You can start right away
and ask for your card

No prepayment or
hidden fees

Why people choose us

Our solution is developed in the name of the most advanced computer techniques.


Real time notifications.

Get instant alert when you pay someone or receive money.

Merchant Gateway

Accept payment from HPAY circuit with no commissions

Instant payment

Share your wallet via QR code, also via email

Easy process to get on board

Becoming a customer is very simple.

About us We are changing the way money is managed

Send, request money instantly, whether the other person is on the other side of the table or around the world, in a simple and intuitive way, using your app and your QR code or that of your counterpart.

Money transfers abroad also change their features with HBANK. You can transfer money to another HBANK customer using your wallets in a simple and intuitive way, in total safety and with the proverbial speed of HBANK.

But the news does not end here. If you have to pay a merchant you can use the prepaid card associated with your wallet or, if the merchant joins the HPAY circuit, you can transfer money to his wallet from yours as if it were a simple transfer.

We have also made it easy to top up your wallet. You can use traditional methods or you can load your wallet by purchasing a voucher and loading the wallet as if you were making a simple mobile phone top-up.

Features Our Services

We Bring Everything In One Place

24/7 Services

Instant Cashout

Fully Encrypted

Safe and Secure

No Hidden Fee

Secure Payment

Becoming Becoming a customer is very simple.

Accessing the HBANK world is simple and safe.

Download our app and your wallet becomes available immediately. The authentication process allows you to uniquely identify you, and from the moment you become a HBANK user every operation will be based on biometric logic, to guarantee security and speed of access at the same time.

Money Your money is mobile, like you

From today, with HBANK, your money becomes configurable! Do you want to block your card or change your pin? Just a few taps are all it takes. Do you need customer support? Our live chat assists you 24/7, wherever you are. No hidden bank fees. No paperwork. No problem.

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