POS Terminal

Streamline your sales with H-bank pos terminals that enables you to customer facing transactions efficiently with your choice of technology.checkout the process how you can enable this facility step by step.


BenefitHow to order pos terminals ?

With H-bank app you can order pos terminals as per your requirement.


Pos terminals are available with different plan options depending upon the days on which funds will be return on your account.Once you will select the plan you need to upload verified documents for the KYC process.On KYC verification you can activate your delivered POS terminal from the app and its ready to use. Note: As per your plan if the limits exceed you need to submit proofs to confirm the payments.

Advantages Customer Convenience Automated processes

Interconnected systems can significantly lower the hassles during the payment process and manual errors.With POS terminals have a frontend interface and backend for sales analytics.

Secure Secure alternative form of payment

Some consumers are wary of using their credit or debit cards in all situations for privacy and security reasons. POS offer an additional level of anonymity and protection for personally identifiable information.


All operations are virtually instantaneous.


There is no need for a bank account


The platforms developed by Godego are cutting edge.