H-pay, the new merchant gateway

With the HPAY gateway you can receive payments from HBANK users and other providers of the HPAY circuit, easily, instantly and above all without commissions. Receive your payments with a simple money transfer between your customer's wallet and your HPAY wallet.


Get paid from everywhere

It doesn't matter if your customers are in your shop or if they buy remotely, with HPAY it's easy to get paid from all over the world, with no hidden costs and above all no commission costs.

Subsequently, from your merchant wallet you will be able to use your money in the form that will be most convenient for you. It is still an HBANK wallet.

Optimize your expenses with your HBANK card

The money you receive from your clients is immediately available to you on your wallet.

You can manage your balance and monitor your expenses in real time, even using the prepaid card connected to your wallet, all in a simple and intuitive way thanks to our app developed according to the most advanced programming techniques and with particular attention to the issues. of usability and user interface.


Manage and operate from one place

Save time with seamless integrations

If you are an advanced IT user, and you like to manage your systems, automate accounting with tools you already use such as Xero, ClearBooks and QuickBooks

Optimize your processes with custom integrations, including Zapier and Slack.

Ultimately, save time and scale quickly by automating business processes with our simple API to harness the full potential of your merchant gateway.

Do business with confidence

The Merchant Gateway developed by Codego is the result of experience and ability in the development of solid and reliable applications and platforms, due to the work of many years in the world of specialized software for the financial sector.

To this must be added the dedicated 24x7 assistance that never leaves you in the lurch.


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